PVC Finlight Sheets
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Finlight Sheets
SAI PARN PVC FOAM SHEETS (FINLIGHT) are manufactured using quality raw materials at a fully automated manufacturing facility.
Range of Product: Finlight  sheets are manufactured from 1.00 mm to 12.00 mm thickness in White colour and 2.00 mm to 6.00 mm in Blue, Green,Red, Lemon Yellow, Black and Light Grey Colour.The sheets sizes will be available   2.44 metre long and 1.22 metre width i.e. 8 ft. x 4 ft. We can consider special lengths sheets also and for that please contact our Marketing Dept.These sheets are having specific Gravity in range of   0.70   to 0.75 gr/cm2. Thus  less Density with same thickness at lesser price.Good Mechanical properties and Good Insulation material.Low Water absorption, Non Toxic , High chemical Resistance. These sheets have smooth surface hence can be easily screen printed and  painted also.
Features of Finlight  sheets are as below:
Light weight (Half the density than Rigid Sheets), Durable, Water/moisture resistant, Aesthetically pleasing, Bright colours, Corrosion resistance,Best Impact Resistance,Good Insulation
- Advertising
- Exhibition stalls
- Screen-printing and Lamination
- False-ceilings
- Partitions
- Skirting
- Doors  & Kitchen  Cabinets.
- Models & Structures for corrosive environments
Operations: Thermoforming, Bonding, Drilling and Sawing.

Its versatile surfaces allows: Painting, Printing, Laminating, Embossing, Engraving and Milling.